Our Family at the Rock N Roll Cafe

Our Family at the Rock N Roll Cafe
Graceland, TN

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day After Easter. . .

Our family had a GREAT Easter! Saturday I had to meet my Chem 2 teacher for a study day but after that I met up with my family and we went to see the movie How To Train Your Dragon - LOVED it! Sunday was a great day. My sweet husband bought me 3 Pandora charms for my bracelet and a box of Godiva chocolates! I am SO spoiled! And of course my girlies are spoiled as well. TOO much stuff to list, but candy and toys and fun galore! I am a lazy mom, so I did not cook Easter dinner for my family - instead we went to Outback for steaks! ;)
My older 2 kids had school today as a make up day for the ONE snow day they had this year. I had school today as well - a test in Biology. My baby did NOT have school so the hubby had to take the day off to watch her, and he decided to clean the house. :) Sweet! Anyway, the older kids were tardy to school (BAD MAMA!) and I left pretty early to go study for my test because when I am at home and Ava is here I am always either fixing her something to eat, cleaning the house, or playing on facebook. There are way too many distractions here. So I went to the library to study. My test was scantron, and there were some errors with the grading due to some erasing, so right now he has my grade as a 91. I am pretty sure I did better than that though. Tomorrow morning I have a test in Statistics, and tomorrow night I have a test in Chem 2. After tomorrow the rest of the week will be smooth sailing! :) Wednesday I will hopefully go out to lunch with my work friends and Friday I will go out to lunch with my sweet hubby!

I got a number for the volunteer coordinator for Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital. I am planning on calling tomorrow afternoon and scheduling my appointment to set that up. I am really excited about that.

Anyway, that is all. One more crazy day and then things will be better!

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