Our Family at the Rock N Roll Cafe

Our Family at the Rock N Roll Cafe
Graceland, TN

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Busy Weekend.

And the mama-guilt is in full force.

Saturday I am going to the Beth Moore conference at Pinelake. Sunday at 2 I am meeting my chemistry professor to study for the chapter 18 quiz. This is the end of the semester and these are the last few grades we will be getting.

Another bit of mama-guilt. My chemistry final is May 11 at 6 pm. May 11 would be Sara's birthday. . . .My oldest baby is turning 10. :( :( I am hoping there is some way to get out of it, that Dr. Toyota might let me meet him the weekend before and take that final! Pooooor Sara if he won't allow it.

Worked at Pinelake taking care of those sweet babies today. There was a potluck - YUM! And I went to the gym afterwards. . . .needed it! LOL!

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