Our Family at the Rock N Roll Cafe

Our Family at the Rock N Roll Cafe
Graceland, TN

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Off Day.

I had plans for today. I was supposed to go walking with some friends this morning and then go to lunch with my friends from Pinelake's Mother's Morning Out. That WAS the plan, until Ava woke up in the middle of the night crying and I went in there and she had thrown up in her bed. :( This morning when I went in there to wake her and Julie up for school, she was complaining that her throat really hurt. She got in the bath and I stripped her bed and she was just complaining about feeling bad. So Ava stayed home from school and I am home with her. Once school starts I won't be able to stay home very much and Jimmy will have to take over more of that, so I felt like I had to do it this time.

She hasn't thrown up since the middle of the night and hopefully she will be able to return to school tomorrow. I also have a dr's appointment Friday morning so hoping that she is back at school by Friday for sure.

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